Big Heart Bamboo

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  • Address: 1171 Eumundi - Kenilworth Road, Belli Park QLD 4562 - farm tours by appointment
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  • Phone Number: 0416 275 239
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Big Heart Bamboo was founded in 2014 by city girl turned farmer, Becky Miwako.

Bamboo was not something new to Becky’s life, her father, Durnford Dart, established what is now Australia’s largest bamboo plantation in 1989, but during earlier years Becky’s appreciation and understanding for the potential and meaning behind the bamboo lay dormant. Shortly after moving to the coast in 2014 Becky was employed by her father to work at the Nambour Garden Expo for a stall that was representing Durn’s company, Bamboo Australia.


A bid to escape the Christmas mayhem by camping in a bamboo grove plantation 10 mins west of Eumundi soon saw Becky falling in love with serenity and practical application of bamboo. “Not only did the bamboo create it’s own little micro climate – with richly oxygenated air and myriad wildlife but the practical application was astounding and ever surprising. We used the poles for our campsite often and found it a great asset to overcoming muddy roads. We made bamboo fans, instruments and even a water collection device”


When the Christmas camping trip was drawing to a close, Becky began noticing small, clown-hat like cones appearing from the base of the bamboo; she soon discovered that these were EDIBLE BAMBOO SHOOTS – a culinary delicacy in most Asian countries and apparently a niche product that was yet to hit the markets in a big way in Australia.


As a science student at the University of Queensland, Becky’s natural curiosity for nutrition and sustainability of this awkward little vegetable began to surface and soon went into overdrive. Becky now lives on the property and has taken out a lease on 20 acres of bamboo plantation.


After sifting through numerous scientific journals and databases the evidence was mounting that bamboo shoot was something Australians needed to know about, especially in an era when food is no longer just used to satiate hunger but instead be a way to increase our quality of life and longevity.



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